Frequently asked questions

How much is an Aggie Tag?

The tag is an additional $50, but hang on to that tag receipt because when income tax time comes around you can deduct $41.25 as a charitable contribution.

Where does the tag money go?

$41.25 of every tag comes back to the ACS Foundation. The Foundation uses those funds to fund: teacher grants (typically $40,000 per year) for classroom innovation, Aggie Theatre productions and the Ready to Learn initiative (supporting students in need).

How can I get the Tag?

If you pre-committed during the pre-commitment period:

  1. Starting February 1, 2021, you may pick up your tag at the tag office.

  2. You should have received an email from the State of Alabama Department of Revenue. Print the voucher receipt showing your payment. If you lose the voucher, your payment should still be reflected in the system when you go to pick up your tag, but it would make your life much easier to have the voucher :)

If you are new to the Aggie tag:

1. Visit your local tag office.

2. Ask for the Aggie tag when renewing your tag/vehicle registration!

3. Pay $50, knowing that $41.25 is a charitable contribution that creates a stronger community and brighter future!